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Eyelash Extensions

Nervani Beauty Boutique eyelash extension experts provide your lashes with a fuller and more glamorous look. Increasingly popular, eye lash extensions have become a time-saving alternative to the basic lash curler or store bought products by offering better and bolder results. Choose from a range of lengths and volume thickness options available at our boutique for either special occasions or every day wear.

How Do Eyelash Extensions Work?

Eyelash extensions dramatically duplicate your natural lashes. A painless and simple procedure, the extension is not applied to the skin, but to the natural eyelash itself, in single or volume extensions according to the look you wish to achieve. Our boutique offers patrons a secure and comfortable environment for eyelash extensions applied by our licensed and experienced Nervani Beauty Boutique technicians who use only safe, non-toxic adhesives that will not harm your eyes. Since eyelash extensions normally take approximately 2 hours, many clients take advantage of this time to relax and get some beauty rest! Touch ups are required every two to four weeks to accommodate the regrowth of your natural lashes.

Discover the Best Look For Your Lashes

Nervani Beauty Boutique offers a full range of eyelash extension lengths, thicknesses and colors. Customize your lashes to suit a special occasion, or your particular needs. Nervani Beauty Boutique can advise you on the most suitable length and thickness according to the condition and type of your natural lashes. Call to book an appointment at our boutique.

Facts About Eyelash Extensions

When applied by an experienced professional, eyelash extensions offer the chance for long, thick beautiful lashes that enhance your entire appearance. Nervani Beauty Boutique staff offer expert advice to assist clients with making the most informed and beauty decisions for not only enhance your style, but protect your health and safety.

Proper care of your lash extensions depends on the adhesive used in the application process that may require light oil maintenance. Gently brush out and spate lashes using a specialty lash comb following a shower or swimming for best results and to avoid clumping.

Lash extensions are usually offered in synthetic, silk or mink. Synthetic lashes works best for thicker coarser hair and silk for finer and fairer hair. Mink works well for any hair type but are much more costly.

The desired length and fullness for extensions depends upon the natural length of your lashes. To avoid heaviness, apply a shorter lash if yours are medium to long to begin with.

Choose only a trained beauty technician who adheres to a strict and detailed application process that safeguards against complications that can cause lashes to clump together and then fall out leaving a gap in your lash line. Our licensed technicians also recommend giving your lashes occasional breaks from extensions and enhancements to avoid damage and allow them to breathe and grow normally.

Eyelash extensions will not interfere with the re-growth of your natural eyelashes - Extensions fall out naturally. Touch-ups are recommended every 2 – 4 weeks to maintain your desired look.

If you want to put some lush in you lashes, give us a call.

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