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Nail Art

Are you bored with the same old solid color polish applications to your nails? Discuss the latest nail art advances that allow creative expression right to your fingertips with one of our nail technicians. Energize and brighten nails with designs that are created and applied by the talented design experts at Nervani Beauty Boutique. Our clients can choose from a wide variety of ideas that range from the simple and clean- cut, to the bold and elaborate; or customize your own nail art designs for a completely original look!

What Is Nail Art?

A boutique technique for applying an unlimited array of ornate designs onto nails, nail art offers options that boost your everyday look or add some extra flair to your accessory list for a special event. From the tiniest flower to an elaborate pattern, the creative possibilities for nail art designs become endless by adding tiny sparkles, gems and stones.

Your Nails Are a Canvas

Nervani Beauty Boutique nail art specialists offer expertise and inspiration and begin each nail art appointment by applying the base coat of your choice from our selection of top quality products. p We encourage you to visit our boutique to discuss your nail art ideas and choose from our range of options to get started!

Nail Art Ideas

Here are some of the nail art requests we get the most from our clients.

Glitter Gradient Art

Easy to create and always impressive, glitter is built up toward the top or bottom of your nail resulting in a classic look with some extra dazzle.

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Customize nail art according to holidays and special occasion or to simply liven up ordinary nails. Nervani Beauty Boutique boutique specialists help plan nail art designs and offer experienced advice to encourage the creative ideas of our clientele. Art applications start with clean and trimmed nails and nail enhancements if needed. Designs are applied with a thin tipped brush and specialized tools from a talented technician. Choose from a colorful and diverse range of nail art accessories and extras. A protective and durable clear polish application completes your creation. Once reserved solely for the rich and famous, superior nail art services are available from experienced technicians from our boutique. Call for a free consultation.

Nervani Beauty Boutique Nail Art

Give us a call or visit to book an appointment at our full service boutique and learn more.

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